3 Lessons You Can Apply to Your Home Decor From Innovative Retail Design

Posted on July 29th, 2014 by

Did you ever wonder why some retail stores feature large floor tiles while others are cloaked in carpet? Or why one store is bathed in lighting that’s bright and focused while another store is so dark and moody that you practically need to carry a small flashlight to read the price tags? Design elements go a long way toward conveying a store’s brand and image, and you can bet that an interior designer with a trained eye worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that the details were symmetrical and consistent. Innovative design is worth learning from, no matter what the venue. You can integrate some striking lessons in your home by considering:

Modern Kitchen by Boston Architects & Building Designers ZeroEnergy Design
  • An optometry service and eyeglass store, which you might correctly assume features pristine white furniture, walls and cabinetry. But the surprise element is a pixelated wall, which takes its cue from the color pigments in the human eye. The lesson here? Every room needs a focal point.
  • A women’s clothing boutique that boasts a stroke a genius: Clothing with multiple shoe and accessory choices right underneath. The lesson? Put the floor space in your closet to work with a row of shelving.
  • A grocery store that includes an impressive wine selection, with bottles arranged vertically so that they’re easy to see and read. Lighting is provided by recycled bottles. There are two great lessons here: You can show off your collection to good effect even in a tight space, such as a butler’s pantry, and top it off with an element of symmetrical surprise.

Retail stores teem with innovative design ideas that you can replicate in your own home. Add to the fun of this exercise by working with Interiors by Melody and ensure that the end result is as symmetrical as it is stylish.

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