5 Ideas for Creating Focal Points in Your Kansas Home

Posted on May 21st, 2014 by

When designing and arranging your home, there are several elements to be considered. Color, texture, lighting and a design focal point are all important. A focal point is a feature of the home that takes center stage and pulls all other design elements together, and it is the first thing someone notices when entering the room. Here are five focal point ideas to get you inspired:

Creating Focal Points
Modern Dining Room by New York Lighting OLighting
  • Play up a natural focal point such as a large window or other architectural element by dressing it up and letting it be the star of the room.
  • Use color as your focal point by painting an accent wall with a bold color. This works best when the other colors in the room are muted.
  • A unique piece of furniture can become a focal point, such as a boldly patterned chair or sofa.
  • Art is always a great focal point. Strategically placed paintings or sculptures can set off a room, especially if they are combined with accent lighting.
  • The focal point does not have to be just one thing. A pattern or texture repeated throughout the room also works well.

The thing to keep in mind when you design a focal point is to make sure that it takes center stage and isn’t competing with other elements in the room. The eye should be drawn to the focal point without being distracted by other things. For more ideas or information for design focal points in your Kansas home, contact us at Interiors by Melody.

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