Area Rugs 101: Placement, Style and Size Impact Their Ability to Pull a Room Together

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When it comes to transforming a space, area rugs are ideal. Their patterns and colors can define a room’s style, soften bold statement pieces and echo important artwork. Their size and shape can create a space within a space or provide a natural sense of direction. 

To successfully use an area rug to pull a room together, you and your professional interior designer need to consider the area rug basics of placement, style and size.

Area Rugs 101: Placement, Style and Size
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  • Think Placement. Where your rug will live determines which rug is right for you. Will it live in your bedroom? Your hallway? What is already in that space? If your room is dominated by bold colors, consider a more neutral rug which will provide balance.
  • Think Style. What is the theme of the room? Are you working a modern look of solid fabrics and clean lines? A patterned area rug which repeats the room’s pre-existing colors in a new way can give your room an extra depth. Additionally, you might opt to use texture to keep the vibe subdued.
  • Think Size. When it comes to the size of your rug, you want to consider not only the room in which it is going, but the furniture it will accompany. At no point do you want furniture half on and half off your rug. Having just one or two sofa legs on the rug and a few off gives a room a dysfunctional, thrown together look. You want your rug to either frame your furniture or be framed by your furniture.

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