Benefits of Investing in Custom Drapery in Your Home

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benefits of custom drapery, Kansas City, MissouriShopping for draperies can get frustrating when the desired look seems impossible to find. The basic style of one window treatment might be just what you’re looking for, if only it had different grommets or was available in a longer length. The benefits of custom drapery address all of these issues. 

Call it the “have it your way” effect — the benefit of expressing your personal style through custom drapery. When you work with an interior designer, draperies can be tailor-made to meet your exact specifications, right down to the size and color of coordinating tassels.

Other Benefits of Custom Drapery

  • You’re bound to discover options that even your creative mind didn’t envision. An interior designer can offer you a library of fabrics, colors and styles from which to choose.
  • You’ll avoid the stale, mass-produced look of many store-bought drapery. Custom draperies can be a vehicle through which you express your personality and originality. Even a simple addition like a colored border or decorative trim to match the paint in your room or the color of your sofa can transform your custom drapery into a grand statement of pride.
  • Custom drapery has a longer life span, since the quality of custom window treatments is far superior to that of mass-produced draperies.
  • Handmade and with higher-quality fabrics, custom draperies are a bigger investment. And as they should be — the leather-outfitted Mercedes costs more than the everyday Chevy.

Enjoy the benefits of custom drapery — contact the experts at Interiors by Melody today to schedule a consultation and unleash your inner decorator.

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