Design Pro Tips for Choosing a New Coffee Table That Works Best With Your Space

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While TVs have stolen the show in most American family rooms, a coffee table is still an important focal point in any home. It should not only complement the overall design of the living space, but it should also fulfill the requirements your family has for it. Whether it’s more for decoration or just a place to kick up your feet, choosing a coffee table that best suits your home should be thought through. Here’s what to consider when choosing a coffee table:

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  • Think about what purpose you want the table to have. Will it be a spot to lay out magazines? Will people put drinks or food on it? Or is it just for design purposes?
  • Take a good look at the room it’s meant to go into before shopping around. How big do you want the table to be? Take measurements to help figure out the ideal size.
  • Pick a table that’s as tall as the furniture that will surround it so you’re able set drinks down.
  • Prevent drink spills, particularly if you have kids or pets, by choosing a table with a lip. This can also be useful if you like to entertain at your house often.
  • Choose a table with a glass top and a finish that blends in with the room if you don’t want it to be a main focal point.
  • Consider a vintage table for one that will spark conversation when guests visit.

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