3 Ways to Color Your Walls Without Paint

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There’s no doubt that paint is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform a home. Yet there are times when paint isn’t the best choice, such as if you’re not sold on a color scheme, you rent and can’t paint, or you have tall or interconnecting walls that would turn the project into a full-fledged (and costly) makeover.

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If you’re facing one of these scenarios and want to color your walls without paint, it’s time to get creative with textiles, texture and your green thumb.

Harness your doubts and consider:

  • Vivid, pattered draperies or curtains, which will rest right against a plain wall. Painterly effects might be most appealing, meaning those patterns that resemble brushstrokes that may be wavy or fragmented but look oh-so-natural.

  • Oversized artwork, including pictures with colorful mats, large clocks or a collection of floating shelves. Look at even small or narrow walls as an opportunity to invoke color. For example, a custom or built-in etagere, loaded with herbs or vacation mementos, could be such an unexpected surprise that it becomes a room’s focal point.

  • Indoor plants. Turn to 6-foot trees with thick leaves for a sure splash of color. If a room gets little to no light, consider a rubber tree. Finish the look with one or two hanging baskets, again allowing light conditions to govern your final choices.

Working with color and expressing your personality at the same time is one of the most engaging interior design projects you can undertake in your Kansas City home. To color your walls without paint, contact Interiors by Melody.

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