Using One of These Styles of Concrete Floors Can Modernize Your Home

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Have you been thinking about giving the floors in your Kansas home a makeover? Although concrete has long been thought of as a useful building material, not many people think of it in terms of stylish home flooring. If chic and sleek is your thing, concrete floors in a home is definitely worth considering. Concrete comes in several shades and textures, plus they have additional benefits along with a modern look.

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On top of its modern look, concrete is highly durable and sustainable, and it’s more affordable than other types of flooring. The following are concrete flooring ideas that may inspire you:

  • Portland mix concrete – With a mix of blue and gray chemical-free Portland aggregate, you can achieve a clean and simple look.
  • Integral color concrete – Pea gravel and gray coloring create an interesting texture and appearance that resembles a regular slab of concrete that’s polished and smooth.
  • Stained concrete – You can choose a concrete stain that complements the color scheme in your home’s decor. Note that there will be color variations with staining, but that’s what many people like about it.
  • Fly ash concrete – For a silky-textured floor use an aggregate of LaFarge North American mix and 25 percent fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion.
  • Custom concrete – Your floor can have with a warm, cozy feeling with a brown color. It will inevitably develop cracks and color changes that gives it it’s own unique appearance.

For more information on using and installing concrete floors in a home, please contact us at Interiors By Melody.

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