Design the Multifunctional Master Closet of Your Dreams

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master closet, Kansas City, MissouriWith so many trends in home design and remodeling, sometimes it can be difficult to choose a project to focus on. One that’s sure to improve the way you enjoy your home as well as add value to your home is a multifunctional master closet.

Gone are the days when closets were just for clothing and storage. Today, beautifully organized, multifunctional master closets are an important part of the home and can be a huge selling feature.

How do you want to use your closet space? In addition to clothing storage, what about a seating area? Perhaps a dressing area with mirrors would be helpful when choosing an outfit every morning. Remember, as part of the master suite, this is an area that should be relaxing and inviting.

While space is important, a small closet doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have all of these options. You’ll just have to be more careful about how you use your space. Why not take shelving all the way to the ceiling? Upholstered ottomans with storage provide both a place to sit and an area to store throws, blankets or bulky out-of-season sweaters.

Your master closet is just as important as other rooms in your home and should be decorated accordingly. Consider adding decorative touches, such as a beautiful mirror, upgraded lighting, framed family pictures or inspiring artwork.  All of these can add interest and character to your space.

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