Best 4 Ways to Bring Shine to Your Kansas City Kitchen with Hammered Metal

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If we decorated each room in our house with the attention to detail proportionate to the amount of time we spend there, then we’d probably give our kitchen the most attention of all.

But for many people, the kitchen is the one room in the house that just comes together and so can end up rather dull. If you’ve decided that the time has come to remodel your kitchen and add some luster, consider a hammered metal finish.

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From a distance, hammered silver metal can resemble tinfoil. But as you get closer, and depending on how lightly or vigorously the metal has been hammered, the material takes on the look of art. It can be slightly mottled, lightly dimpled or deeply grooved.

Hammered silver metal may be the most popular, but soft metals such as copper, brass, chrome, pewter and zinc are other forms of hammered metal that are gorgeous to look at and gloriously simple to maintain. Consider:

  • Hammered metal kitchen hoods which you may associate with Tudor-style homes. These kitchen hoods are cropping up more often in classic and even modern décors to add a sleek, crowning touch.
  • Extend this great idea with a hammered metal backsplash. A slightly distressed metal can fit right in, no matter what your décor.
  • With luck, one very large piece of metal can be used over countertops to capitalize on its inherent charm. It takes (and hides) a beating like a champ.
  • Copper sinks follow the lead of rustic copper kitchen hoods. Sinks made of stainless steel and brushed nickel can nicely rise to the demands of a busy kitchen that produces a lot of dishes.

If a hammered metal finish is putting a gleam in your eye, see for yourself how it can transform your kitchen by contacting Interiors by Melody.

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