How to Get Interior Design Inspiration From Travels to the Mediterranean

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If you’ve ever visited the Mediterranean, there’s a good chance you never wanted to leave. And who could blame you? With palate-pleasing cuisine everywhere, sunny weather and warm colors all around, there’s something about the region that’s simply hypnotic. Now glean interior design inspiration from travels to the Mediterranean with these tips for transforming your home into the Mediterranean oasis you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you walk through your front door.

Mediterranean Living Room

The design style found in Greece, Italy and Spain can have a casual, old-world look or a formal style, but it always includes warm tones and textures accompanied by decorative accents. To get the Mediterranean vibe in your home”

  • Use Mediterranean patterns and textures. Whether you like inlaid forms in furniture or textiles with ornate patterns, the homes of the region are a feast for the eyes.
  • Pick natural, rustic-looking finishes. Mosaic tiles and exposed, wooden ceiling beams are a couple ways to bring an authentic Mediterranean look inside your home.
  • Bring the colors of nature inside. Earth tones are seen throughout Mediterranean homes and are often complemented with bursts of color, such as sky blue and floral hues like yellow and lavender.
  • Create a comfortable outdoor living space. Enjoying time with family and friends is woven into the culture of the Mediterranean, and homes in the region are known for extending that warm, welcoming feeling to outdoor areas. The key is to provide plenty of cushy seating and to make the space feel in harmony with nature.

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