Best 5 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Stand Out in Your Home This Spring

Posted on May 6th, 2014 by

If you’re like many people, you race in and out of your bedroom many times a day. And then it happens: something slows your pace and you take a really good, hard look around. While nothing may be wrong (aside from some easy-to-fix clutter), nothing is exactly swelling you with pride, either.

It’s official: your bedroom is suffering from the Bedroom Blues. To cure it, make your bedroom stand out this spring by making one imaginative change. One big, rousing idea can transform a bedroom from a bore into one you adore:

Traditional Bedroom by Phoenix Interior Designers & Decorators Decorating Den Phoenix
  • Paint remains the most under-rated home enhancement that anyone can make that is easy and affordable. You may be reticent to “go bold” with color on all four walls, so consider a big change on the wall that abuts your bed or in an alcove or seating area.
  • A bold throw rug in a very conspicuous place, such as at the foot of your bed or in front of your closet, will cure the blues in a hurry.
  • A picture, or collection of pictures, on a prominent wall in the room can give you the chance to express your personality and set the tone for your bedroom.
  • A breezy, new window treatment in the form of a colorful trim, cabinet, or scarf you can drape over the existing treatment. Change the scarf with the season to make your bedroom stand out all year long.
  • A focal point in the form of a wingback chair, a clever lamp or a fun, decorative piece that otherwise speaks to you and delights you, even if you have to make room for it.

Making your bedroom stand out is just one of the design challenges that Interiors by Melody specializes in. Call us for a consultation and we’ll send your bedroom blues packing for good.

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