Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Comfortable Escape With These Essential Elements

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Bedroom decor should make the room you sleep in enticing to come home to every night and wake up in every morning. So, what are some of the elements of a comfortable bedroom? Here are a few essentials that design professionals implement to create the perfect private escape: 

Transitional Bedroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Shirley Meisels
  • A quality mattress may seem obvious, but many people pay more attention to wall colors than the bed itself. Of course, the perfect decor isn’t going to guarantee the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Make sure your mattress has the comfort and support you need.
  • A plush, comfortable rug is a far more welcoming “good morning” to your toes than the most beautiful floors. Whether you have hardwood, concrete or tile, make sure your feet land have a soft, warm place to land when you wake up.
  • Photographs in general create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere, but photos of family are likely to keep your mind going when you’re trying to unwind. Surround your room with photographs that help you feel happy and relaxed.
  • The bed should not be the only place you have to sit in the bedroom. Comfortable seating gives you a place to relax, read and talk when its not time to sleep.
  • Create a collection of things you love, whether keepsakes from your travels, family heirlooms or other pieces that make you smile. Arrange them in such a way that allows you to see them when you wake up.
  • Give yourself a technology-free zone. A true escape means getting away from the outside world, including text messages, emails and television. These things do more to keep you awake than encourage relaxation.

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