Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Comfortable Escape With These Essential Elements

Bedroom decor should make the room you sleep in enticing to come home to every night and wake up in every morning. So, what are some of the elements of a comfortable bedroom? Here are a few essentials that design professionals implement to create the perfect private escape:  Continue reading

How to Get Interior Design Inspiration From Travels to the Mediterranean

If you’ve ever visited the Mediterranean, there’s a good chance you never wanted to leave. And who could blame you? With palate-pleasing cuisine everywhere, sunny weather and warm colors all around, there’s something about the region that’s simply hypnotic. Now glean interior design inspiration from travels to the Mediterranean with these tips for transforming your home into the Mediterranean oasis you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you walk through your front door. Continue reading

Design Pro Tips for Choosing a New Coffee Table That Works Best With Your Space

While TVs have stolen the show in most American family rooms, a coffee table is still an important focal point in any home. It should not only complement the overall design of the living space, but it should also fulfill the requirements your family has for it. Whether it’s more for decoration or just a place to kick up your feet, choosing a coffee table that best suits your home should be thought through. Here’s what to consider when choosing a coffee table: Continue reading

Using One of These Styles of Concrete Floors Can Modernize Your Home

Have you been thinking about giving the floors in your Kansas home a makeover? Although concrete has long been thought of as a useful building material, not many people think of it in terms of stylish home flooring. If chic and sleek is your thing, concrete floors in a home is definitely worth considering. Concrete comes in several shades and textures, plus they have additional benefits along with a modern look. Continue reading

3 Ways to Color Your Walls Without Paint

There’s no doubt that paint is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform a home. Yet there are times when paint isn’t the best choice, such as if you’re not sold on a color scheme, you rent and can’t paint, or you have tall or interconnecting walls that would turn the project into a full-fledged (and costly) makeover. Continue reading