Using Pastel Hues to Dress Up a Space and Add a Modern Touch

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With so many colors to choose from and the many shades and tints of these hues, it can be hard to choose the perfect paint color for a room. But with careful planning, you’ll find that when using pastel colors, interior design can take on a whole new look. Use these ideas to help.

  • Make it pop: Plain white walls leave a lot to be desired when it comes to interior design. But by adding a few simple pastels to your décor, your white walls will give your pastels a powerful presence. Try painting an accent table or incorporating pastel throw pillows into your room’s design to see for yourself.
using pastel hues
Eclectic Living Room by Southampton Interior Designers & Decorators Design House
  • Create contrast: It’s okay to take the plunge into pastel walls if you know how to balance the colors out. Incorporate bold colors and textures into your pastel space with the use of rugs or dark wood furniture.
  • Pair tints and shades together: Using various shades and tints of the same color is a great way to bring a room together. Think white walls, pastel furnishings and more bold colors for accent pieces.
  • Use contrasting colors: Contrasting colors appear on opposite sides of the color wheel and can be a great way to bring life to a dreary room. Choose your favorite pastel for the walls, then accent it with drapes or accessories from the opposite side of the color spectrum.

You may live in the plains of Kansas, but that certainly doesn’t mean that your home has to be. By using pastel colors, interior design in your home will be anything but plain. For professional help with your interior design needs, contact Interiors By Melody.

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