4 Beautiful Shades to Make it Feel Like Spring in Your Kansas City Dining Room

Posted on May 8th, 2014 by

After the winter that Kansas City endured, who could blame you if you’re itching to decorate your dining room with an infusion of spring?

Spring is naturally associated with flowers and color, but you can do so much more when you bring shades of spring to your dining room by setting a mood. Consider:

Transitional Dining Room by Millbrae Interior Designers & Decorators Lindy Donnelly
  • A natural shade of spring, created by combing your yard for pieces of nature to decorate your table. Pussy willows, pine cones and even branches from a tree can form the anchor of a centerpiece that is augmented by small stones, spread across a piece of decorative moss.
  • A sea-inspired shade of spring that exudes an iridescent quality. Begin with a round, flat bowl filled with water, floating candles and flower petals. Then surround it with decorative glass pieces or functional ones, such as pitchers and salt and pepper shakers that will pick up on the dance of the flickering light. Top off the ambiance with an aqua tablecloth for a truly sea-worthy attraction.
  • A blue shade of spring, featuring pastel hues from pale blue to lavender. The key here is not to force uniformity. In fact, you’ll create more visual interest if you intentionally reach across the color wheel for placemats, plates, cups and saucers and spring flowers in different shades of blue.
  • A romantic and fanciful shade of spring, set off by several tall floral arrangements set on multiple table runners placed along the short (rather than long) end of the table. Keep the eye dancing by pairing colorful dishes and napkins tied with ribbon. And don’t forget a touch of lace which always lends a romantic air.

Let Interiors by Melody help you decorate your dining room with a shade of spring that you deserve after a long winter and will enjoy long into summer.

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